Company Profile

Our clients are an integral part of our team.

When Ralph K. Cappola founded Main Street Architects in 1982 he was determined to produce high-quality design, while working closely with clients to stay within the parameters of budget and time. This approach, has resulted in an end product that can be defined by one crucial word, value. In fact, a sure indication that value is still highly regarded and sought after can be seen in the tremendous growth the firm has enjoyed over the years.


  • Architectural Design
  • Prototype & New Concept Design
  • Interior Design
  • Space Planning
  • Site Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site Adapt Prototypes
  • Mall Fit-ups
  • Renovations
  • Green Building Design/Leeds Projects

The more experienced the team, the more expert the solutions.

Main Street Architects have successfully completed projects in the restaurant, banking, hotel, retail, housing and light industrial fields. We have the capabilities to do much more. No matter what the project, we energetically roll up our sleeves and become totally involved. Our clients are enthused by our approach and by our expertise. They appreciate the fact that we treat them as partners, and share our views with them throughout the project. Perhaps this teamwork approach is why our clients are more than happy to recommend our firm to their business friends and associates. To receive unsolicited praise from existing clients is, we feel, strong testimony to the lasting value of our work.

What sets us apart is how professionally we bring the entire team together.

Main Street Architects has excellent experience in all aspects of architecture and related fields. These include architectural design, site development and feasibility studies, master planning and existing building evaluations. However, unique to Main Street is our ability to tailor our talents to meet the needs of each client. We coordinate every aspect of the job from design concept, drawing preparation, interior design, contractor selection, and monitoring construction – all under the supervision of our project Architect. So we can relieve our clients of the time consuming day-to-day operations of the project. However, the client is also free to have as much or as little involvement as their busy schedules allows. No matter what the job, Main Streets Project Architect works with the client from start to finish. Our experience has shown that client involvement in the process invariably leads to a quality job that everyone can take pride in.